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Kawai Panzer Soccer

The world is bursting ! The ultimate Kawai Panzer Soccer tournament will begin shortly. This ancient tournament bring together every factions in the world !

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Dig the deepest possible in order to find the maximum amount of artefacts and host the widest second-hand market ever hosted !

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Nefasto’s (Mis)Adventure : Meeting NoeRoze

Follow the misadventures of Nefasto, a Game Data too sarcastic and genre savvy for his own good.

The Studio

Narrative Games and More

We are a small independent team of old videogames' lovers, Greek mythology, exciting stories and with a wild imagination ! We have mostly already proven ourselves in the middle of the videogame industry, but also in other fields such as animation, comics and children's books.

Our Team

Game Artist

Rodrigue Hubert
2D Animator, 3D Model, Rig and Animation, Rendering and Compositing

Game Artist

Cédric Roux
Character/Environment Designer, 2d Animator, Illustrator

Game Artist

Luc-David Garraud
2D Animator, 3D Model, Rig and Animation, Rendering and Compositing Video Editing

Game Artist

Vincent Lefebvre
Character/Environment Designer 2D Animator Illustrator

Legal Expert

Olivier Jacqmin

Art Director

Stefano Collavini
Character/Environment Designer, 2d Animator, Illustrator, Narrative Designer


Damien Chauveau
Narrative Designer, Gameplay Designer, User Experience Designer Ergonomy

Lead Developer

David Deckeur
Gameplay and tools developer, Unity / Unreal Developer, C/C++/C#, Python, PHP, …