We are developing an innovative concept and a series of VR novels based on renowned fictions.

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The objective is to offer VR content to the early adopters of VR as well as the casual VR explorers, and to allow them to discover classic and contemporary authors.

Kawai… Panzer… Sooooooccer! This sport game is not for the faint-hearted, there are jamaican sharks, japanese pigs, romanian bats and they all came to win the KPS Cup.

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A board game about Gods vs Gods in a Steampunk Mythology

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Hybris Gallery

Animated 3D entertainement pipeline services

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We develop production pipeline for Animation Studios, using traditional and real-time rendering technologies.

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Aurora Crew

Damien Chauveau

... and Game Designer

A devourer of varied worlds, retro-gaming amateur, arcade and pinball fixer, great prophet of board games: the game has always been a vocation for Damien. So it seemed more than normal that from an early age he began to develop his own worlds and games. Today it is with the cap of game designer and creative director that he juggles from ideas to ideas.

  • Creative Director –  From the Multiverse

David Deckeur

... and Game Designer

Fell in the code being small, David sees in the lines of codes as in the matrix. Thanks to his super powers, he develops faster than his shadow, making him a natural technical director. The discovery of the VR, the AR or all the subtleties of Unity have no secret for him! But his laser eyes leave no graphic problems in Aurora’s creation helping to have super polish games!

  • Technical Director –  Developer – Grumpy

Stefano Collavini

... and Game Designer

Multi-lingual, multi-cultural, multi-tasking. Stefano is a real Swiss army knife in both senses of the word. After years studying mathematics, quantum matrix and tesserac, he decided to satisfy his creative need: drawing. After years of experience working on many Point and Click game like Broken Sword, Stefano decided to put his brush and his calculator in the service of Aurora!

  • Artistic Director –  Saroumane the White

Luc-David Garraud

... and Game Designer

In spite of his kindly child, Luc-David is a formidable fellow raised with Sonic and Pokemon. Sharpening his spider-senses to find the next animation to develop or the next concept to imagine, he will be a great ally for the graphic development of a project … If his colleagues are not dead because of his strange jokes. MUERTA DES LOLES!

  • Graphist & Animator –  Words are weapons

Rodrigue Hubert

... and Game Designer

With a past of hyperactive, jack-of-all trades, musician, board game player, sculptor, painter, draftsman, 3D graphic designer, animator, badgminton player, drummer, star wars fan, Lego collector, professor at his lost time, Yellow-jacket activist, Hearthstone eternal Rank 1 player, reptile lover, SciFi child and precious stone filler, we think we can say that Rodrigue loves art.

  •  Real Artist – Sculpting worlds & love Cola

Clément Laurenti

... and Game Designer

Loving hand cream, chest wax, colocation and technology, we can say that the young Clément is part of the cult of Millennials. These strange beings doing magic with their fingers but do not like to communicate normally with others. This does not preclude his curiosity, his sense of work and his perfectionism. Well sometimes he’s eating some strange stuff …

  • Developer – Better sound is silence

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