Informations :

  • Platform : PC, MAC
  • Number of player : 1 player
  • Type : Hardcore, niche, point & click
  • Duration of the game : 5h (speed run), 10h(casual run), 25h(complete run)
  • Business model : Premium
  • Localisation : English & French

Description :

Follow the misadventures of Nefasto, a Game Data too sarcastic and genre savvy for his own good. He is briefly the hero of a really bad game titled ‘Kick The Can’. As this game crashes Nefasto is not purged from the RAM. He is sent inside the digital world of your computer. A strange world faces him, with very odd inhabitants where his meeting with Noeroze will be key for his survival…

You’ll need to find a way to get rid of Nefasto. His presence is corrupting your computer that will eventually crash. Every mean necessary are welcome!

Gallery :