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Primodials Gods have fallen. Hunted, captured and tortured by their children, Chronos and his congeners are nothing but remnants of an ancient world. Era of Olympians has just begun. After aeons of fightings, a new order is established. Zeus, his brothers and sisters took the dominion of the heavens and the mortals world. Now they are trying to organize themselves to share the remaining realms and know who will be the new ruler.

But Olympians are not yet real gods, they must evolve, activate the spark that will turn them into a true god even if their current strength is colossal. Moreover, they must establish their domination in the realm of mortals, and to do this, use the essence of their father: the Aegis. This energy comes directly from the Primordials themselves who are captured and chained in the underworld. With this energy, Olympians can meet the expectations of the largest cities in Ancient Greece by deploying the most beautiful and promising technologies.

Hybris is a boardgame of worker placement, opportunity and development. For 1 – 4 players for game session around 120 minutes.

Game Content:

  • 7 Game board
  • 4 Player board
  • 4 God standee
  • 9 Heroes standee
  • 12 Prophets standee
  • 70 Technology tiles
  • 36 Premonition cards
  • 92 Conflict cards
  • 30 Trained cards
  • 6 Divine Pillard cards
  • 7 Primordial cards
  • 32 Quest cards
  • more 200 tokens